Facebook Timeline is Coming, 4 Tips for Your Nonprofit

By March 21, 2012
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All nonprofits & charities need to know about Facebook Timeline design for pages.

By Allie Kosela

By the end of March, your Facebook page will be formatted to the new timeline.  The new layout will create some awesome opportunities for nonprofits to engage supporters.

Here are 4 tips for the new Facebook timeline:

1. Cover Photo

With this new piece of digital real estate built in to your profile, your nonprofit can easily brand your Facebook page.  No coding skills required!

Facebook Cover Photo.png

Take note that you still have a profile photo. This is what people will see in their newsfeed.  The new profile photo will get chopped to a square so if you're using a rectangular logo you might want to resize it to fit. You can find 11 inspiring nonprofit Facebook timelines here (

2. Backdating your posts

This is awesome news!  You can now populate your Facebook page with content from BEFORE YOU WERE ON FACEBOOK!  It's a time warp of awesome possibilities!

To add content from the past, simply click on the "Milestones" option in the status update section of your Facebook page.


Then fill in the details!  It's that easy to add photos, past events, special achievements, and more.


3. Highlight content you want people to see

The new Facebook timeline allows you to highlight or pin posts.  Highlighting (use the star tool) means your post will stretch the width of your timeline.  Pinning a post (use the edit tool) keeps it at the top of your timeline.


4. You need to be more active

Speaking of backdating your posts, you need to start engaging on a regular basis. Timeline is laid out to show people what you're up to.  If you don't post (or haven't in a year), your fans are going to know.  Your supporters want to see what you're up to.  

When your fans comment or interact on your page, it shows up in their friend's notification bar (that running ticker on the right-hand side of your Facebook news feed).

An active, up-to-date Facebook page will draw new likes from your friends.  Take advantage of your active users to draw more engagement.  Who knows, you might gain a new donor.

By Allie Kosela

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