Ten percent of your charity's supporters visit your website on mobile devices

By March 12, 2012
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Mobile traffic to fundraising and donation pages is right on trend with the patterns reported by industry & e-commerce sites in North America.

Apple CEO Tim Cook welcomed us all to the "post-PC" era when announcing the newest iPad last week. He's not alone in noticing the momentous shift moving consumers from laptops to mobile devices. For the first time in history, smartphones now outsell PCs around the world!

Is it time to examine how many of your donors and supporters are visiting your website on mobile devices?

We looked at visitor traffic to fundraising and donation pages for hundreds of charities & non-profit organizations using our online fundraising platform.

We found over 10% of visitors to those pages were on mobile devices!

The most popular device for visitors was the iPad, followed by the iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Traffic to Donation Forms

These numbers are not surprising; they're right on trend. A Chitika report looking at internet traffic in February 2012 found that the average percentage of mobile traffic on the web was 10.55%. That's a huge growth of 34.44% over levels measured in July 2011 … Only eight months ago.

What will the percentage of mobile traffic be in December over the holiday period? It's the busiest time for the year for many charities.

When are your supporters browsing on smartphones & tablets?

Chitika's survey also revealed some interesting trends in online and mobile behavior. Web traffic is heaviest in the morning, dropping off in the evening. Conversely, mobile traffic peaks in the evening hours between 8 - 10pm.

This behavior pattern is a good indication that your donors & supporters are using their mobile devices after work. Your digitally-connected supporters are likely less to be in front of their computers. When they are accessing your emails, e-newsletters, tweets or Facebook posts, they're doing it on their smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Fundraising and Donation Pages

Mobile-optimized donation forms and fundraising pages ensure that your organization can reach your donors and event participants ... No matter which devices they are using to respond to your charitable appeals.

We mobile-optimized fundraising event pages and donation forms across our system to make sure your donors have an amazing experience whether they're on a laptop or smartphone!

Want to learn more about mobile fundraising? Learn how you can go mobile with Artez!


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