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Mobile technology will be a huge trend for 2011 and beyond.

Last week the world saw the announcement of a major industry first: Smartphones are now outselling PCs globally! 

What does this big trend mean for your charity or non-profit organization?

We were excited to explore that very topic at our Social Media Week event: "Smartphones & Smart Charities" on Thursday February 10th. Our panel of experts delved into the nitty-gritty details of this emerging medium, bringing three great case studies to share with the audience.

Joan Burgess,…

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Marketers agree - brand dominance is not possible without thought leadership. Recently we had a chance to discuss this connection with Matthew Diamond, Partner and Managing Director of Hunter Straker, Canada's most established brand and design firm. Earlier this month, at an Artez Webinar Brand and Thought Leadership - the Power Duo, Matthew discussed the idea of "thought leadership" and its key role in marketing communications, the branding process and strategies to help manage your brand…

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