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Missed Social Media Week Toronto 2012? Here is a recap of the main sessions and some key learnings about social media for charities.

By Julia Silvestri
Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, Yonge Street Mission

A few weeks back you may have noticed an influx of people walking around with their smartphones and laptops talking about the ROI of social media and the free Steamwhistle beer at The Fairmont Royal York. Those lucky folks were probably participating in Social Media Week, an international phenomenon filled with amazing sessions, seminars and parties all about social media. Toronto is just one of many cities to…

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Keep your social media content relevant and add more viewers to your marketing campaign. Learn more about managing content accurately and raise more funds.

By Allie Kosela

Online information is constantly changing. Digital information flows much faster than the direct mail or paper newsletters that many nonprofits are used to. To adapt to the current digital climate and compete for web traffic, nonprofits need to start re-thinking their online content management strategy.
On February 13 for Social Media Week Toronto (#smwto), Artez held "Now Trending: Social media & the charitable sector": a panel discussion.

Image from: Artez…

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Originally published in on February 17, 2012

By Sheri DeCarlo
Originally published in on February 17, 2012

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Did you know 86 per cent of Canadian social networkers are on Facebook? Of the over 500 million people on Facebook, more than 250 million now access it through mobile devices. Smartphone sales now surpass computer sales globally. As Bob Dylan sang, "the times … they are a changin'."

"If you're looking at your phone, I won't be offended, I'm just going to assume you're so engaged,…

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Originally published in on February 6, 2012

By Mark Sutton
Originally published
in on February 6, 2012

You may have seen or at least heard about the announcement Facebook made Jan. 18 with the launch of the Timeline apps. Many of you probably first encountered the apps in action by seeing what your friends listen to on Spotify or reading in the Washington Post Social Reader App.

Among the first 60 apps that were announced by Facebook as part of this launch were three apps from developers that provide…

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